This is our first time trying this project out, and as best we try to answer all questions before they arise, there are bound to be questions we didn't predict...
If you have questions unanswered by the online/PDF handbook or the PAQ section below, please direct your questions to Decker (Artistic Director, Trainwreck Productions) via email at decker@trainwreckproductions.org.  For limited, emergency inquiries, call (563) 590.9562 between the hours of 11:00 AM and MIDNIGHT.  Thank you.
PAQ - Possibly Asked Questions...
Q:  Is there a minimum number of pages our script has to be?
A:  No.  Scripts should, however run a minimum of seven minutes in performance.  Typed scripts typically translate in to two-minutes per page (8.5x11"), however this will vary depending on spacing and formatting.
Q:  May scripts be typed or handwritten?
A:  Submitted scripts must be typed and printed in a legible font, and may not be handwritten.
Q:  Is there a required format our scripts must be submitted in?
A:  No.  As long as it reads like a script, it's A-Okay.  When reading it, we should be able to clearly tell who is speaking and differentiate between dialogue and action.
Q:  May our team use the assistance of someone not on the team?
A:  No.  All creative work, including writing and rehearsing, may not receive assistance or influence of individuals outside of the three to seven members of your team.
Q:  How much time do we have to set up and strike (take down) our play?
A:  You will have 6 minutes to set-up your play, and 6 minutes to strike your play.
Q:  What is the penalty for our play taking more than 6 minutes to set up or strike?
A:  Beyond 6 minutes to set up, or 6 minutes to take down, the additional time counts to the play's 15-minute performance limit (and not the 7-minute minimum).  It may also be taken into consideration by the judges for "Adherence to Assignment," which may affect awards.
Q:  Will set up or strike of my team's play overlap set up or strike of another team's play?
A:  Maybe.  During each 7 minute play switch, each team will be allowed 1 minute to strike without another team setting up.  If all parties adhere to these rules, 5 minutes of overlap are possible.  It is also possible however, for a team to set up and strike in 1 minute, eliminating overlap.
Q:  What happens if my team finishes set up before the previous team has finished their strike?
A:  We will wait for the previous team to complete their strike before your team's performance begins
Q:  What is the penalty for a performance that is less than 7 minutes or more than 15 minutes?
A:  It will be taken into consideration by the judges as part of "Adherence to Assignment," which may affect awards.
Q:  Must our assigned character appear on stage?
A:  Yes.  Your assigned character must appear on stage.  Your character's assigned occupation, however, may be referenced or implied.  This doesn't necessarily mean that your character won't be named "Godot."
Q:  And by "on stage" you mean...?
A:  Somewhere in the room (Theater 1 of Mindframe Theaters).
Q:  What if we are assigned a character of gender unlike anyone on our team?
A:  You are not assigned a gender, but a name and occupation.  Be creative.  Naming a boy "Sue" is a completely acceptable artistic choice.
Q:  Must our assigned prop appear on stage?
A:  Yes.
Q:  Who supplies the prop?
A:  You will be provided with a prop of your assignment at the kickoff event.  You may use this prop or choose to provide your own prop so long as it is the assigned prop.  The supplied prop must be returned in good condition at the conclusion of the 24HTP.
Q:  Must our assigned line of dialogue be spoken?
A:  No.  The assigned line of dialogue may be spoken, sung, and/or written.  The line, however, must be used verbatim.
Q:  Must our assigned line of dialogue be used in English?
A:  No.  The assigned line of dialogue may be used in any language, though if it is unclear that it is the assigned line, there must be a translation.  Again, the line must be used verbatim.
Q:  Must our assigned line of dialogue be used verbatim?
A:  Yes.
Q:  Do teams have spending limits for their plays?
A:  No.  We do not enforce a spending limit, however encourage that teams spend little or no money on the enhancement of their performances in favor of promoting resourcefullness and creativity.
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