Monday, March 15th

5:00-9:00 p.m.

Keystone AEA Building (2310 Chaney Rd.)

Room 1A

We are very excited to be hosting auditions very soon for Trainwreck Productions' 2010 Summer Season.  If you would like to audition here are some important things to know about our audition process...

Who will be watching auditions:

Auditions will be viewed by members of Trainwreck Productions' board and artistic staff.  Among these individuals are directors and stage managers for specific productions as well as administrative individuals there to help the process run smoothly and provide insight and opinion.  All of these people are somehow involved in the actual casting process which will take place after auditions are completed.  Additionally, they will be available to answer your questions about Trainwreck, our tentative season, and auditions and casting.

We do not know yet what kind of space will be available to us at this time, however we expect that auditions will happen privately away from other individuals auditioning.  We also ask that friends and family remain outside of the audition room during auditions.  Auditions may be video recorded by Trainwreck to help facilitate the casting process later.

Audition materials:

Sides, or cuttings, from our prospective scripts will be available to be read (with acting!) during auditions.  This is perfectly acceptable and will help us get an idea of casting options very close to what each script demands, however if you prefer to prepare something, we are asking for: 2 monologues (from plays, not movies), under 2 minutes, one serious/dramatic, one comedic, both contemporary (no classical). Memorization is not required.

Everyone wanting to be considered for MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS, must prepare 16 to 18 bars of their own music to be sung.  Accompaniment will not be provided.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SIDES PACKET (Sides A-D are for men, E-H for women)

Paperwork and schedules:

When you arrive to auditions, you will be asked to fill-out a little bit of paperwork to help us in the casting process.  Much of this paperwork may be bypassed by providing a copy of a current theatrical resume if you have one available (sample resume).  Another huge deciding element in casting will be summer schedules.  We will do our best to cast as many people as we can and avoid conflicts with summer vacations and other plans.  To help us with this, we will also be asking you to provide us with as much information about your summer schedule from May to August as you possibly can.

A note about our "tentative" season:

As this is the first season we are holding very public auditions, we know not to expect and what will develop in terms of talent and interest that auditions, and moreover, funding.  As such, please understand that our tentative season as listed on our website is exactly that and is what our ideal season is at this current moment.  The Trainwreck Productions Board of Artistic Directors reserves the right to remove or add titles to our season and change the performance dates in order to facilitate our artistic staff, actors, and budget.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ryan Decker (production manager) at decker18@uni.edu

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